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5 Apps that help you to studying and solving problems

The holidays are over and it's exam time, come back on school desks to start over to study. A valid help to learn quickly and take good grades there it can give, as always, the technology. Today in fact we have powerful tablets that are real laptops and there allow, even on the move, to perform applications of all kinds very useful for the activity we are doing. Furthermore, tablets in particular prove more flexible compared to the use of the classic computer and certainly manageable at any time and situation: after all the spread always greater than the cloud allows you to work on same document from multiple devices, while the presence of numerous multiplatform applications allows you to easily share documents between the various systems. For these reasons we have selected some of the most important app that should not be missing on our iPad or Android tablet: we can use them not only for the study but also for the job or for our hobbies.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

As the name suggests, this app allows to solve mathematical equations starting from a simple photo. Obviously it is not mandatory to take a picture of  the equation, but you can also insert it by writing it normally. The beauty of Photomath is that it is not limited to providing the result inexperience, but explain how to solve it later step by step and also shows a graph to understand the solution in a visual way. And it is precisely in this educational perspective that should be used by students (and possibly by parents that help them with their tasks) to learn correctly the resolute process that leads to the result in progress.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

On the app stores there are many scientific calculators that replicate in the interface the most traditional devices and then there is MyScript Calculator, definitely more original that allows you to write freehand, with the finger or a pen, the expression to be calculated, observing the result in progress which is composed while we write the expression piece by piece: in the case of long or too complex expressions, it is not possible to write to hand the whole expression in one go, because the app "translates" a lot quickly our traits in the numerical expression; and in any case it is always possible to delete what was written in case of errors, or to write on multiple lines expressions particularly long. As simple as it is comfortable on every occasion, the app also allows to perform calculations enough complexes and preserves a chronology of the operations carried out in the day or in the day previous.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

A digital document scanner (notes, receipts, business cards, etc.), with some functions in more to recognize barcodes and QR codes. Beyond the latter particularities, Scanbot offers the best of itself in the scanning of documents: the app recognizes automatically the outline of what you want to scan using a camera, it allows to optimize the acquisition by working on the color levels, the gray ones or black and white, and offer the possibility of making single or multi-page, then it can be organized in folders and ways highlighting the most relevant parts (or adding notes). It could not miss the possibility of sharing in PDF format and exporting to various cloud spaces (DropBox, iCloud, etc.). What makes it particularly useful this app (which however does not make the free basic version) is the possibility to activate an OCR that recognizes the text of what we have scanned, function that (to prove the facts) provides excellent results.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

The applications to translate are many, more or less complete and equipped with functions additional (such as the ability to recognize text directly from a photo to translate), sometimes with the possibility of working offline. Often, as in the case of  iTranslate, some of these features are paid, but the basic version allows you to have an excellent translation tool available able to convert words and phrases into one hundred different languages ​​(with lots of possibility to hear the pronunciation) and to make a long one available series of sentences for the most typical situations that can be found on the road or in a common dialogue. In definitive, whether it is for study or for work, it is an app to keep always on hand.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

The widespread PDF format is widely used to distribute documents, both in the workplace and in the studio. However, it can happen want to highlight some parts of a document PDF or add notes. Xodo PDF reader is designed just for this. Therefore it must not missing on the tablet, as another typical use of this tool is just to enclose in a single device tens or hundreds of books and documents, on which it may be necessary add hand-made sketches, comments and notes, or highlight parts of text. The app also allows you to fill in PDFs that have specific fields of filling and allows (in addition to sharing your work) to create new PDF documents starting from a photographic scan.