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8 Instagram Tricks For Your Infallible Bussiness Success

Instagram is the social network of the moment. Millions of users post billions of content every day. It is an important opportunity to promote ours activities but to get good results you need to know the right strategies.

Have an active Instagram profile and with a good following of followers it can be a valid tool to professional profile. A shop can find in Instagram a good showcase. The social network till date records over 1 billion active users per month in the world, interested in most varied subjects. At the moment it is one of the favorite channels from famous brands to advertise and reach customers. If we own an Instagram page but we did not get it a positive response, probably we still have to adopt a strategy to attract the users' eye. Let see what are the tricks to improve the visibility of ours Instagram profile and increase the number of followers.

1. Valuable Contents

A common mistake of many profiles, that do not collect success regards the contents publish poor quality photos without an editorial plan causes a low involvement of users. Try to post only valuable and original content, closely related to our niche market and try to give a style unmistakable on the page, maybe using a specific photographic effect applying a logo or a signature to the images.

2. Many Stories

The Stories are a true and own revolution, let's use them as much as possible to update our followers of the fact that we have added a new content on the page, or we'll tell that what we do in everyday life or we still share gods surveys to increase interactions. Just one tap left on Your story to do photos, create a video or upload ready-made material. The stories are best ones live. No need to be a director but a touch of originality does not hurt! we study those of others.

3. Comments Every Hour

Let us be noticed by the followers and from new potential users that still do not follow us, a good strategy consists in leaving about 30 like and 10 comments every hour on the last ones photographs posted by our followers or those of some big ones account in our niche of market. Receive Like or finding a comment is gratifying for anyone, we will have more chances to get in exchange interactions and probably many will reciprocate becoming ours in turn followers. We leave however comments genuine and always different, copy and paste the same sentence can penalize us or even the profile could finish among those to be blocked. We do not fall into temptation!

4. Hashtag Corrected

Instagram allows attribution of 30 different hashtags for every content, we stay in the limit between 20 and 25 photo labels. We are talking about words preceded by the symbol #. We choose some hashtags between the most popular, with hundreds of thousands of published posts, and others of niche they have instead less use. Let's take a look at the labels used by our competitors in business and if relevant copiamone some.

5. Fair Behaviour

Many follow accounts, they wait for them to return the favor and distance of days and days stop following "the fish that has fallen at the hook." This way they avoid the new follower may notice that they have stopped looking at his content, keeping it between their followers. Despite is a very common practice and effective, it is not ethically correct.

6. Tag in The Photos

We tag on ours photographs 5-10 important accounts in our sector, varying the amount of tags and the combinations between a photo and the other one. To do this, just use the @ symbol followed by the name of the profile. In this way the content will be visible in the section related to the tags of the page of who we have "associated" to the photo. Loyal followers they often look at this section, so we can be noticed by new interested users to our contents.

Small Investments

We buy advertising from most known accounts, contact us administrators of a page and we ask how much it costs post a story, a photo or a video inviting their followers to follow us. With the same follower, you can do S4S exchange of mutual advertising.

8. Use The Programme

If all these operations require too much time a valid solution is the programme, online services or programs to be installed on your computer that, after requesting the access credentials of our account, I'm able to follow "niche" account compatible with ours, leave like and comments based on user names or lists hashtag and send messages directed to increase involvement of the followers, inviting the receiver to perform an action on our profile.
All activities can be set by us, which we will decide concretely like the software must operate. Programmes are usually paid and provide for a subscription monthly at prices very accessible considering the workload from which they raise us, Followliker, Instazood and Bigbangaram are the most famous and used.