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Electric Scooter: Make Your Way More Comfortable

Some roads are too long to walk, but too short to go by car drive. The bike as an alternative? absolutely, but connected with a certain effort. If you want more comfortable, just get on an e-scooter like the Mi M365 from Xiaomi.

Put on top, push off, juice give - more is not necessary, and already rolls Xiaomi electric scooter over the roads. Especially in summer it is a blessing, with an electric scooter to drive. With the wheel you inevitably start to sweat. With an e-bike, more specifically a pedelec, you have to less strenuous, but still in the pedals kick.

With the electric scooter of the Chinese Manufacturer Xiaomi (well known for smartphones) it works differently. Because just a shove needed to start, come without effort and through the head wind chilled at the finish. The electric powered scooter is online exclusively at many stores and in the Xiaomi shop available in the SCS. We got us fourteen days from Wed M365 to drive around extensively for a long time.

Great Technology

At first glance, it does Electric scooter from Xiaomi (pronounced Schaomi) a very robust and high quality impression. The construction made of aluminum and plastic weighs 12.5 kg, has a motor with 500 Watt maximum power and shaft up to 25 km / h. Right on the handlebar is the "Throttle". By pressing the brake handle on the left is a mechanical disc brake on the rear wheel activated by an e-ABS anti-lock system features. The tempo can also be withdrawn of the "gas" or by kicking on the Reduce the rear wheel cover, but that is less effective in practice.

The built-in battery offers a Capacity of 280 Wh. According to the manufacturer this is supposed to help to manage routes between 20 and 30 km, but the value depends on the terrain and the weight of the scooter driver. In the test on about 70 percent asphalt and 30 percent forest trails and one height limit of a total of 300 meters we came to a distance from just over 20 km before the scooter had to go back to the socket. Then it needs full recharge just over five hours. For a better battery life, the scooter has a kinetic energy recovery system.

After switching show four LED lights on the handlebar, like a lot of juice the battery still has. Another short press on the switch activates the LED headlight, while a long push the E-drive of the scooter turns off. Thanks LED light can with the scooter too be easily driven at night. The headlight does not work adjust, but the light cone lights up exactly the part of the road that leads to moving is important.

The electric scooter is IP54 certified and thus against dust and splash water protected. In light drizzle a short drive is no problem in stronger rainfall but the vehicle should be better at home stay.

Driving Pleasure

With the Mi M365 through the area too whiz, it's really fun - no matter if it only briefly in the nearby supermarket should go or in the Job. The most comfortable it drives so on concrete or asphalt, yet thanks to the air-filled tires are also level forest roads and unpaved footpaths no problem. The E-scooter is designed to be a calm and safe driving experience mediated, even at high speed. On level road he reached easily the specified 25 km / h, thereby you're just as fast on the way as cyclists. Even small gradients creates the scooter, but at a reduced pace. Only on very steep roads must be pushed in addition to the foot.

About Xiaomi's "Mi Home" app can you make various adjustments to the vehicle make about how strong the engine braking effect when you release the "Gas lever" and also enable cruise control and theft protection. Since the scooter in a few seconds uncomplicated collapse and therefore as hand luggage counts, one may also use it in public take transport. In practice, however, it will be avoided to carry the scooter for a long time, because first, 12.5 kg are on duration quite heavy and second it is also folded up with 108 cm length not exactly small and compact.

Suitable Road

Still to be clarified, where and how to move with the e-scooter may. Electric scooter with a design speed up to 25 km / h and maximum 600 watts are with bicycles equal. The Xiaomi scooter falls in this category. Thus may indeed
bike paths, but not the sidewalk be used at least not with activated engine. Means: Is that Electric drive switched off, the scooter applies as a non-motorized scooter and thus as a vehicle-like toy, that on the sidewalk and in pedestrian zones may be used.


The Xiaomi Mi M365 is a high quality E-scooter that is significantly less costs as comparable competing products. The workmanship fits, as well as the equipment and also for speed and reach of us only praise. The scooter is in many everyday situations a welcome alternative to the bike or car. Plus it does scary fun with the e-scooter too drive. Really recommended!