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Excursion: five apps for best excursion and trekking experience

Hiking or mountain biking is easier and safer with a map app. Better yet if the routes are shared by those who have already done them!

Going to the mountains is an exciting experience and also suitable who is not a professional hiker. The CAI paths are reported in detail, but it is not always easy to understand where they lead and which ones you need to take. Once you rely on paper maps and compass, today there are smartphones that are much more comfortable as they also integrate a GPS navigator. Among the many app available we recommend those have a social base, where that is who has traveled the path before us shares his experience and also the track, which can be downloaded and followed without problems.

ViewRanger is one of the choices more complete and has the advantage to allow the download of the standard maps, with the possibility to use them even in the absence of internet connection. Particularly useful then Skyline function, which exploits the augmented reality technology through the camera of the phone to identify surrounding places, like mountains and lakes. If instead we do not have no experience and we want an app to guide us later step, we can try All Trails that integrates a system of filters that can identify the best route among the others 50,000 available. To whom has a social mind will like Wikiloc, connected to the largest community of walkers, can boast 4 million subscribers and 9 millions of shared paths, between which we will surely find what's right for us. If then we want to be 100% sure we can also download GeoResQ, the National Service app Alpine Rescue that, beyond to trace the path that we are following also allows to ask for help in any moment, with the certainty of be localized to the centimeter. Those who are linked to Google and its map system will be glad to know that there is a free app like My Tracks can supply the indications to which he is accustomed with Google Maps. Finally Peak Finder AR is exploiting augmented reality to view the names and the heights of all the peaks around to us, even without connection web.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

Free or paid maps for hundreds of routes on foot or by bike, with comments and social sharing.

VIEWRANGER it's an social app for hiking fans, by bike or even on horseback on the mountains of the whole world. The search system allows to see the nearest paths where we are, or those of a certain point geographical. Once identified the path that interests us, we can download the track for free together to the base map of the route.

Then there are the Premium paid maps that offer many more features. In any case all the maps can be consulted even in the absence of an Internet connection. An exclusive ViewRanger is represented by the Skyline function that uses the technology of augmented reality through the camera of the phone to identify surrounding places, like mountains and lakes. Skyline also helps to orientate by showing the points of the route and using arrows to follow the paths in the surrounding environment. The social feed allows to follow hikers who publish their activities with lots of photos and comments. We can also naturally insert our trekking and in this way earn points that will allow you to download premium maps. The
Buddy Beacon function finally it allows you to share your position with others who have the same app.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

Over 50,000 trails with a filter system that allows to find the path that best suits our needs.

Together with the indications of over 50,000 trails, complete with map and directions, All Trails integrates a filter system that allows to find the route more suitable for us. It deals with of one of the simplest and at the same time complete app for those without experience mountain and wants simply pass one day of relaxation. After being register we can enter not just the length but also the difference in level of the route we want to do along with other features like the presence of animals, of children or even of people differently disabilities. Once identified the trek for us we can decide to follow it by downloading the corresponding map, but in this case we should subscribe to the service by paying about 2.50 euros per month. Alternatively it will be anyway possible to follow the path without having downloaded the map but in this we will have to always have an active Internet connection. For each route, over to tags with features, Forecasts will be displayed meteorological and comments from those who have already done so, in addition to the road from follow to arrive by car at the starting point. There is also the possibility of insert control points along the way to be sure not to get lost.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

The app of the National Alpine Rescue Service tracks the route and starts a call if necessary.

Who often goes to the mountains he knows how good he is the service of the Mountain rescue that in few minutes can intervene in case of accidents or problems. In addition to the classic telephone service, the CAI has recently completed an app like GEORESQ that besides allowing the tracking and archiving in real time of their own excursions, in case of necessity forward the alarms and the rescue requests through the operations center GEORESQ. The service is completely free for members CAI but requires a subscription annual fee of 24 euros for everyone else. The first fifteen days after installation are however free. to avoid unnecessary jokes the app requires a registration with a lot of code insertion tax and number control telephone. Once sent the signal through the app we will be recalled by telephone in order to explain the problem. And naturally essential to have an active GPS and internet connection. For each route maps are available for those who move on foot, by bike or by motor vehicles. Once the tracking started speed is recorded average, vertical, time in motion and total time. You can set the frequency with which the data are sent to avoid consuming in a few hours the battery.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

Over 9 million tracks registered worldwide for the app connected to the community of more social trekking.

WIKILOC is an app that it allows not only to trace our own hiking or walking bicycle, but to download the paths of millions of others users subscribed to the community. Everything actually comes from the wikiloc website with its 4 million members and 9 million shared routes and downloadable from the site or directly from the app. It is naturally necessary to register to be able to load own tracks or consult of others. To find a path in the area where we find ourselves just enter the name of the place that interests us and select if necessary the filters that limit the search for walks rather than excursions more challenging or those in mountain bike. After having downloaded the path that there Interested and started follow him we will be alerted by an acoustic signal in the case in which we had to leave from the track. Not only, but if there are other users in our area we will receive a message and we will contact us directly. Downloading maps is free, instead have to pay ancillary services such as the notice of removal from the track or localization track company. Luckily the prices are enough contents: five euro are enough for one year or 3 euro for three months.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

The official Google app that allows you to track path and share it or export it as a GPX file.

Developed directly from Google, My Tracks based on enormous wealth of maps of the giant of Mountain View and allows not just to register the path completed but also to save data regarding distance, speed and time in movement. There is also the possibility to save the various routes and then share them on social networks, track waypoints and import tracks from an external memory. The only real limit is the inability to edit offline maps and to load an alternative map. Who has a Google account will not even have to register and can share the path with the millions of Google account holders. We can use any photo app to take pictures, upload them and share. It is also possible share the paths on Gmail, Facebook, Line, We- Chat and other social apps. We can also create a group of users and share paths inside. All the tracks will be saved in the Google Drive cloud and can be restored to any moment from each device. If we want we can also make it our paths are public and share them with everyone users. The app is completely free and supported through advertising. In case we wanted to remove the ads we can do this by paying one only 3.49 euros.

(Platform: Android, iOS)

A 360 ° panorama of the peaks around us, from any point of view and even without the Internet connection.

When we are in the mountains it is easy to be enchanted by the things that stand out around us, except then ask immediately what mountains is it and do not know what to answer. With Peak Finder AR the answer arrives directly on the smartphone screen and without even needing an Internet connection. Just have the GPS activated and have downloaded the files configuration (about 50 MB) at the time of installation. The app is able to recognize more than 350,000 peaks, from Mount Everest to small hill around the corner, thanks to the presence of the database that is installed. Once the phone compass has been calibrated we should simply point the smartphone towards the top that interests us to see it displayed with a lot of height and coordinates. Wanting it is also possible to overlap a photograph so to make the effect again more realistic. The function "Snapshot" then allows you to take a photograph with the names of the individual peaks, pictures they can also be enlarged by inserting in automatic the name of multiple tops. The telescope function allows you to zoom further and to see also the more hidden mountains. Caution however, because the latest version of the app requires a device rather powerful.