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HUAWEI MateBook X Pro

The latest notebook from Huawei costs a lot, but as a performance and design is to the even with the best Apple Mac Books. Plus it also has a fantastic touch screen 14-inch and a webcam that comes out of the keyboard to save valuable space.

Switch to less than two years as a Chinese manufacturer little known a direct competitor of a brand known as that of Apple it is not for everyone. But that's it happened to Huawei, just this year in the industry of the smartphone has passed in the iPhone sales and now wants to repeat the business with i portable. Only this time it will not be easy since the Mate Book X Pro is one of the notebooks more beautiful and fast today on the market but, with prices starting at 17,021 USD, it is even one of the most expensive!

Better Than The Original

Who knows Apple laptops will immediately notice the many similarities between MacBooks and the MateBook X Pro. Solo that for once we do not find ourselves in front of a copy, but to improve the product original.
Huawei has succeeded in the enterprise to enter one almost 14-inch touch screen (to be precise, 13.9) in classic dimensions of a laptop from 13 inches. To do it they had to sacrifice to the maximum the frames (the panel covers 91% of the lid) and consequently move the webcam, which we normally find above the display, in a retractable compartment of the keyboard, between F6 and F7. Yes it is an ingenious idea that moreover it protects ours privacy, since there are viruses that take advantage of the webcam to spy on us while we work. The only limit we have found that it's not comfortable to make videochat with the laptop on the legs, because unfortunately our chin is taken back...

Components at the top

The bet of Huawei is to achieve a high-end laptop that does not disfigure both in front of the Apple notebooks that to the best Ultrabook Windows, like Dell XPS 13 or the Microsoft Surface. In our opinion the challenge is brilliantly successful: we found Mate Book X Pro is light, (just over 1,300 grams that in the bag does not felt), solid and well built. The metal is really beautiful burnished of the shell and the screen covers almost entire cover. Fastest starting Windows Home, but we expected this considering the power of the processor and the abundant memory allocation. We found it comfortable and quiet the keyboard with the singles large keys that it allowed us to write comfortably in every situation.

If we really must make a note we heard lack of regulation automatic backlighting of the individual keys, which must be activated by keyboard. It also convinced us the touchpad, always precise and easily programmable with different gesture for zoom and move from one app to the other. It has four good quality stereo speakers placed next to the keyboard and at the bottom of the body: they are different by conformation in order to offer a specific sound response for each one
. Thanks to the presence of  Dolby Atmos technology Sound System allowed us to enjoy a film among friends without connect external speakers. In there are 4 microphones at the front that guarantee a perfect sound during video conferencing during Skype.

Super display

But in the MateBook X Pro the difference is made by the screen: compared to competitors that integrate 13-inch display, MateBook X Pro can boast (with the same dimensions and weight) a touch screen from 13.9 inches with resolution of 3.000x2.000 pixels and thickness only 1.5 centimeters. The screen size is 3: 2 and not the classic 16: 9 that It's perfect for watching a movie but not for working with Word or to the browser. The screen is very bright (we used it without problems at the park in a sunny place) also if perhaps it reflects a little too much. The viewing angle is practically perfect as well looking the display from a corner of 180 degrees, while the answer touch side has nothing to envy to that of the best Tablet. The resolution is double compared to Full HD and has us allowed to enjoy movies in 4K at maximum yield.

So much power

We can buy the version of the MateBook X Pro from 1,407 USD with the new processor Intel Core i5 8250U of eighth generation and SSD disk from 256 GB on Amazon. In department stores of MediaWorld electronics and UniEuro there will be the version instead with the Intel processor Core i7 and 512 GB SSD disk at 1,928 USD. The dedicated video card Nvidia MX 150 is the same for both models, like this 8 GB RAM. In our opinion the version with Core i5 processor is more than that sufficient not only to work but also to play. Sure, we cannot expect performance from PC for gamers, but we still managed to run at 50 frames per second a demanding game like F1 2017 without shots and overheating. If we want, we can also connect an external 4K monitor through the Thunderbold door 3. It is ultimately a laptop that gives the best of itself with professional apps like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Autocad and of course Office. When instead the power does not it serves because we are simply browsing or writing on a document it automatically enters in action the card Intel HD 630 video that allows to improve autonomy.

The future is USB C

As is now customary in computers and even in the most recent smartphones, the Matebook X Pro integrates two doors USB C for power supply and connection to other devices. Computer charging times off are around two hours about. The fact of being able to have a only power supply for all ours devices is definitely a big step forward compared to the bulky feeders a few years ago. Not only: if we want we can feed the MateBook X Pro also with a large PowerBank (at least 20,000 mAh) equipped of USB port C. Unlike Apple, Huawei has not abandoned the classic USB ports: one that remains will remain definitely convenient for connect a USB flash drive or a external disk. Despite the reduced weight, Huawei has succeeded to integrate a battery from well 58 Wh that allowed us to use the laptop from morning to evening despite a connection Wi-Fi always active (second Huawei autonomy can get up to 12 hours keeping however the brightness of the 50% screen). These are results better than competitors despite the presence of one bigger screen.


Laptops can be found on the market good quality less than 907 USD, but this model of Huawei, while costing even twice as much definitely has an extra gear either regarding structure and design both from the point of view of performance and autonomy. After trying it for more we think of a week that MateBook X Pro is not second to none, not even to Apple models that arrive to cost over 2,269 USD. And there's another good news: as often happens with Huawei devices, the price of Matebook X Pro is intended for go down soon.