Increase your sales and make money using WhatsApp

Profit is guaranteed between pay for clicks, affiliations and marketing strategies. You may not know it, but the most popular messaging service in the world hides personal ways to transform your chats into hard cash.

According to the latest surveys, WhatsApp boasts about 1.5 billion active users per month. Almost everyone is continuously using the well-known Instant Messenger purchased from Facebook to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family. Did we ever think that this native application could be useful for putting together a nest egg without too much effort? And that can also work well as a marketing tool? Earn money using WhatsApp it is possible, even if the return is not immediate and the revenues are little more than insignificant. There are many ways to do this: sharing links, sponsoring products in an affiliate network, promoting your business with a marketing campaign, all from this unique hub. WhatsApp can indeed be profitable also to increase customer loyalty of those who have a store or an activity (nothing detracts from the fact that even an average user can use it to raise a few euros), with the scheduled sending of "inviting promotions" of its services and products, free prizes up for grabs or lowered costs. An effective system especially if managed with a direct and personal communication that up to now was realized with SMS or mail, but that, given the peculiar characteristics, could find the ideal tool precisely in WhatsApp.

Moreover, the tricks that we will see in this article, as appropriate, are valid and applicable also with social networks like Instagram and Facebook. What are we waiting for then? Let's see right away how to get the best out of this incredible app to supplement your salary but also, why not, to have fun.

Collect to the most contacts:

To increase the earning opportunities with WhatsApp, the first and fundamental step is to try to reach as many people as possible with our messages. The goal is to have available an archive of quality contacts to transform into potential customers to be retained. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not offer features to recommend users or search for them, and finding them depends on us. Therefore, starting to use WhatsApp for profit purposes only makes sense to integrate relationships that have already been established, after having developed a fairly substantial community in other online and offline channels. Starting from scratch it is also challenging to promote the same use of the channel, and sending messages at random does nothing more than disturbing people at risk of being blocked. We can, however, expand our potential audience by sharing our mobile number connected to WhatsApp with all friends and colleagues who are not yet part of our online community.

Increase WhatsApp contacts with Facebook:

The best way to inform people of being on WhatsApp and attract them using other social services on which we have an account. For example, we can do it from Facebook, directing visitors to our WhatsApp profile with the proposal of special offers and other content that can only be obtained by contacting us on the app with the green callout. If we hold a page or a profile on Facebook, we can take advantage of the social impact to increase the list of WhatsApp contacts to whom to send messages and private offers. In this way, we can also increase sales. The trick is to post a message on the Facebook page with captivating textual content, images or videos, which they must do to subscribe to our list and the exclusive offer they provide. However, we must not appear to be continuous or binding on our potential customers, and they can leave the list at any time, by merely deleting our number from the address book.

What are affiliations?

If we are the owner of a blog or a site (professional and well-built) we can earn discrete amounts online using WhatsApp in an affiliate program. Affiliation means choosing to sponsor, through marketing campaigns, the products of a particular brand or company, which recognize a percentage of each sale that can be completed through their site. Once registered for a program, we only need to copy the product link and share it with a description/review with our WhatsApp contacts. If one of them clicks on the link, it is redirected to the site that sells the related product. If he then makes a purchase, we are paid a percentage, and at the end of each month, we are paid commissions. For this activity, WhatsApp is an advantageous medium, because the messages sent are much more impactful than SMS or e-mail. Many e-commerce companies offer such programs. One of the most reliable and appreciated and Amazon, as it recognizes commissions often higher than competitors, or 5% or 10% depending on the categories of products, and also allows you to earn for any purchase made after a click on a link, only if the specific product linked is purchased.

Make money with PPD sites:

Another way to earn small amounts of money is the so-called PPD (Pay per download). The sites that offer this service are called PPD or PPD network sites. By registering you must upload on the site a certain number of files, such as videos, photos or songs, whose minimum size depends on the service, and share download links with all your contacts (in our case via WhatsApp). Every time one of these files is downloaded, we are credited with a few cents. Payment (usually between 10 and 40 USD depending on the service and country of origin) occurs when a certain threshold is reached, measured in KB. There are several PPD sites, but they are not always reliable among the best UploadOcean, Upload and Fileice.

Funding by sharing news

Small amounts can also be collected by sharing articles and news on dedicated sites. Linkilike a web platform that allows companies to create social advertising campaigns and pay for sharing their article links. To be part of this, you must create an account. Linkilike evaluates the influencer value of the profile and based on it selects the contents of interest and corresponds the compensation for each share. Once you reach minimum pay amount, the amount is paid into your account (or can be reused for a social campaign). Also Sharenews.it is a site that allows you to share articles on social media and earn based on the number of unique visits received. It includes two categories of items: Gold, which lasts 24 hours and is paid from 3 to 15 euros for every 1,000 unique visits, and Fixed, paid 2 euros. Payments are made at the threshold of 30 euros.

Monetize thanks to images:

Another way to scrape together some money with WhatsApp, share photos after uploading them to sites specializing in image storage, such as Pixsense, ImageTwist, or ImgRock. These sites recognize about 5-7 dollars for every 1,000 unique visits (i.e., slices from a single user), but the amount varies depending on the country of origin. For Italian traffic, they do not pay more than 2 dollars. To use these sites, merely register and configure the payment method, so you can immediately start uploading images (usually at least 2 MB) and sharing.

Make cash with the URL shortening sites:

Using social media, we may have encountered mysterious short URLs. In reality, these are regular web addresses shortened with URL Shorteners, particular sites whose purpose is to shorten URLs and condense them into a few characters. What we are most interested in this article are the URL shortening services that allow registered users to earn from clicks received on shortened links, for example, AdFly or Shorte.st. The visitor who clicks on them is redirected to an advertising banner and, after clicking on a button, to the actual link entered by the user registered in the service. Shorte.st pays the user $ 8 for every 1,000 views, on the 1st or 15th of each month and the minimum threshold for requesting payment on PayPal and $ 5.

Why do WhatsApp marketing??

Although it is not an optimal tool for large-scale marketing actions, with its remarkable numbers of monthly active users and 60 billion messages exchanged per day, WhatsApp could not be ignored by brands for a long time yet. The main reason that can make interesting the use of WhatsApp for business lies in the fact that many users use it and are willing to interact with companies. Apps like WhatsApp have a very high engagement rate: 98% of messages exchanged via mobile are opened and read, and in 90% of cases, this happens in the first 3 seconds from receipt. But considering that WhatsApp currently does not provide advertising or other features in a business perspective, all that remains is to settle for a somewhat "experimental" approach.

Some tips for effective marketing:

To succeed in WhatsApp Marketing, it is advisable to keep in mind some good practices.

We do not underestimate the profile aspect of our account. As a general rule for the Name, we consider 25 characters visible to the contacts and for the photo a significant image 640x640 pixels that WhatsApp shows enclosed in a circle in our account. Status also has its relevance; despite it lasts only 24 hours from when it is updated: 139 characters that represent a slogan to explain the value the user will get by registering on our list.

After defining our image, we try not to be unprepared and decide in advance the duration and contents of the campaign. Let's possibly coincide with the launch of the campaign with a social or political event.

We avoid using the channel only to promote products and services, but we involve customers in conversations that revolve around the brand's universe of reference.

Finally, let's make life easier by using the desktop web.whatsapp.com platform that allows you to connect the WhatsApp account to the PC with a QR code and allows you to create messages and manage lists in a much easier way than from a tablet or smartphone.

Use cross strategies:

Even sending WhatsApp messages in One to One mode, i.e., with a single contact, can be useful for marketing products in a personal way, but it becomes too demanding for those who administer the chat to involve large amounts of contacts systematically. The ideal in an effective marketing plan is to use both modes and even groups, if necessary, with different sending frequency and depending on the type of content to be communicated. For example one or two broadcast messages per day for all subscribers and One to One for exclusive offers for single customers or occasionally for personal assistance or answers to suggestions/comments.

Take care of customer service with WhatsApp

Once a bond of trust and interest has been established with our contacts / customers, to keep it in balance and avoid abandonment, it is important to provide them with timely and always available assistance. Thanks to its personal format, WhatsApp is the ideal instant messenger to handle requests wherever you are, quickly and in a confidential manner, whether it's text messages or attached documents, photos or videos of defective products, which are delivered immediately and that we can verify in real time. Let us not forget that WhatsApp also provides the possibility of video chat: a very convenient function for communicating with "face-to-face" customers and finding a solution to problems together.

We do not neglect the status

Quite recently WhatsApp has been introduced in a not very known function that allows the user to update their status (or status), and remembers the stories of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. For marketing and promotion purposes, it can be an effective incentive for contacts / customers who follow our chat (see above). In the 24-hour status update, it is possible to insert slogans and multimedia objects. To access the function just click on the status section and modify it. The Pencil button allows you to add emoji, text with various types of fonts and colored backgrounds. The button with the camera instead allows you to take photos or record a video to which a formatted caption can be added. Once the status is updated, you can share it with your contacts or forward it.

Manage customers with notifications

If among our WhatsApp contacts there are some that we hold in a particular way and of which we don't want to lose even a message or a call, we can identify them immediately when they send us one or they call us personalizing the ringtone of their notifications. To do this we tap on the name and on Show contact then on Custom notifications. Here we activate Use custom notifications and choose the ringtone, the type of vibration, the color of the light and if we want to be alerted by a notification on the screen when a call or message is coming.

Detailed statistics on WhatsApp

With the Analyzer app for WhatsApp, Chatvisualizer we can get statistics on the use of WhatsApp by our contacts / customers, to learn more about their habits and optimize sending communications. The app allows us to analyze complete chats or individual participants regarding the use of certain words, emoji or based on time slots of online presence. The statistical data obtained are summarized with interactive graphic representations that can be consulted in every detail. To examine a chat you need to first export its ".txt" file from WhatsApp and then import that file into Analyzer for WhatsApp.

Better to use groups or lists?

To communicate with contacts / customers and preferable to use lists instead of messages sent to a group are shared with all members who are part of it and each user, therefore, is able to view the answers of others, which, of course, and unsuitable for privacy reasons. While the broadcast messages are similar to the emails sent as hidden carbon copy (CCN), that is they allow to send the same message to all contacts in the list and to receive replies in private conversations with each one. That is, each member cannot see the others who receive the messages nor read their possible answers. A group can possibly be created with a shared forum / community function for the only customers that we can moderate.

Make money also with social networks

The tricks and tips that we have exposed can be applied to the other main social networks, albeit with deviant differences. The need to have a wide audience and respect for rules dictated by common sense are the indispensable prerequisite for anyone who aspires to make their presence on the Net profitable. If we consider instead the specific business-oriented functions (tracking, wider user base, possibility of conveying advertising messages and related services) of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, activities like sharing links, sponsoring products for brands or managing marketing campaigns on large scale are more likely to produce better results than WhatsApp. For its part and despite the "corporate" limitations, however, the green app finds its strength in the greater capacity to generate traffic and engagement of all social networks, thanks to being the most integrated Instant Messaging app in everyday life of people.

Attention to privacy

Communicating with customers with WhatsApp is an effective but very invasive system, so you need to use it without risking the opposite effect to the desired one. The first rule to follow in a correct WhatsApp marketing campaign and avoid annoying the user with so many messages without a concrete advantage. The second rule is to prepare a specific authorization for data processing. Let us remember that in order to talk to new consumers through WhatsApp, we must always obtain their explicit consent to receive these messages and not start conversations unless they expect it.

Paying chats

A few years ago two instant messaging apps were very popular, allowing you to make a chat by chatting, Chad2win and Quack! Messenger, now no longer active. Similar to WhatsApp operation, the two tools were based on an algorithm that calculated how many messages the user sent and received, but also counted the times he clicked on an advertising banner. So the higher these numbers were, the more they could be cashed. Payment was made via PayPal or on a current account by bank transfer. Chad2win shared 30% of the profits earned with advertising among members, who could also collect more than 20 euros a month. Quack! Messenger worked almost in the same way: the more you chatted and sent content to your contacts the more the income could be substantial. The app also allowed you to choose a "privileged" contact to chat with: in this way you could both earn more. As soon as we hear of other reliable chats of this kind we will keep you informed.

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