Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Tablet for Professionals

A large screen, a very lightweight and brimming with power: the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 proves that a tablet can be better than a laptop.

With its hardware, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 barely differs from the Surface Laptop 2. But while the Laptop 2 is fundamentally a laptop, Microsoft has designed the Surface Pro 6 mainly as a tablet with a cover of the keyboard (from 168 USD), to It serves as a laptop.

Thick screen in a silent tablet

As usual on a tablet, in the back side of the screen, all the electronics circuit and the battery are there. But in the case of Microsoft Surface Pro 6 it is relatively thick only 0.9 cm, it has an advantage practice: the back of the screen can dissipate the heat of processor. In laptop mode, with the keyboard case placed, you do not notice anything.

Also, Surface Pro 6 does not need fans to get rid of the heat, and it works silently. It is especially impressive because in the tablet there are a processor 4 cores with a lot of power. With the Core i5-8250U, the Surface Pro easily reaches 'notable' in the operating speed, but the unit processor graphics does not work to play. Here, the tablet is still slower than the Surface Laptop 2 due to its higher resolution (2,736 x 1,824 pixels). Highlight also that with 783 g the Surface Pro 6 weighs more than a conventional 10 tablet, but it’s lighter than a laptop of similar size, and even with the keyboard case weighs is just 1.1 kg. Also, to be a laptop Surface Pro 6 endures a lot: almost 5 hours at work and 6 hours with videos.

Bright Screen

The integrated screen is pretty high for a tablet with its 12.3 ". Today few rivals, like the iPad Pro, they offer even more screen space. But not only is it great but also very good: in the test scored with high fidelity of color and many details. It's easy to edit photos or videos if you want even with the pencil Surface, which costs an additional 123 USD, or with the Arc Mouse, for 60 USD. Thanks to the surface bright the image have a lot of contrast, but also many reflections, one disadvantage under direct light sources.

Two colors, 4 keyboards

The Surface Pro 6, unlike of the Surface Laptop 2, it's just available in dark gray or black. On keyboards, you have more possibilities and serves as a cover for the screen. Apart from the Surface Pro standard model Type Cover for 168 USD, Microsoft offers versions with Alcantara, fingerprint sensor or a design on the back, be whatever the model, the keyboard is the same. In the test convinced with high precision and comfort. With the keyboard comes a touchpad very comfortable and practical if not you want to be playing regularly the screen.

Impossible to expand

The housing of the Surface Pro 6 can be only opened by force. The tested version is the second simplest of the spectrum. For USD 1,178 you have the Surface Pro 6 with a more SSD small of 128 GB. But also there is more: as in the Surface Laptop 2, you can get to 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of SSD and a Core i7, for USD 2,525.


Surface Pro 6 gets to be halfway between a tablet and a laptop. It's fast; it offers a lot of space and a screen first. In Surface Pro 6 screen 12.3 "converts to a relatively heavy tablet. It is best to use as a table or another firm surface.

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