WhatsApp Business Ideal for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

WhatsApp business app is ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals. Similar to the version we all know, it is designed for those who manage an activity. Has been online since last January and 3 million users have chosen to use it.

After conquering users all over the world with its application instant messaging, WhatsApp (long time entry in the Facebook ecosystem), wants to establish itself also in the world of companies. It is the reason why WhatsApp Business arrived on the market of business and services aimed at entrepreneurs and freelancers to communicate smartly with their customers. Business owners and VAT numbers I’m on the motion search for tools always faster and more complete to manage the daily tasks. WhatsApp has succeeded, adding more features to those we already know. Simple to use and free downloadable, WhatsApp Business was launched in January 2018 receiving great success results in the first six months of life (count  10,000,000 download and beyond). There are many products on the market of communication addressed to companies with more options, but less popular.

Here's how it works

To find the app, go to the Play Store, search for WhatsApp Business and click on the logo that has a green balloon with a white B on it. After accepting the conditions of use and downloading the application, it will ask to register the number. What makes it unique is that you can enter the current number (in that case you will have to back-up) or another, for example, the company mobile or a landline phone. Being a service that follows the version base of WhatsApp, the graphics and the commands are elementary from use and identical to the "original WhatsApp" the main screen is the chat. You can write messages, update your status, call (free), send a file and manage groups. From the settings, you can enter all of the information on your activities, including days and times of opening, e-mail address, and website. Who sees the profile of the company will have a picture on our activities tab.

Messages for each opportunity

Customer requests can be manifold: there are those who contact for the first time, those who want to receive information and those who ask quick questions and need an answer on the fly. For all these needs WhatsApp has thought of some functions to meet entrepreneurs and facilitate the work. If a potential buyer writes for the first time, you can set a standard welcome message for example "thanks for having contacted us." Then it happens that be searched for information needing a short response (on discounts, prices, possibility to accept or not animals in holiday homes and public places). Here too, yes can write the same text for everyone, save it and reuse it when needed. Who manages an activity, especially the artisans or freelancers; it has a thousand commitments and can happen that when it is searched when busy. For this WhatsApp Business, has thought of an automatic response service in case of not availability.

Not just customers

In addition to sending messages to customers, the owners of WhatsApp Business can communicate facilitated with other people as colleagues and suppliers. You can create short models of personalized messages to send to whomever you want. So when confirmation must be given to receipt of an order is entered the text directly and go. It is a great convenience both because it avoids us thinking about what we have to write both because we forward the message to more people. To get organized at best and save time yes can create a group with of the labels by category as goods suppliers, supplier’s services, bellboys, etc.

Benefits and defects

The value that immediately catches the eye and that we have already stressed its ease of use, given that WhatsApp Business looks like to the original version of the app that most of us use every day to communicate. There is to remember that we can also use it on PC without synchronization problems. The main flaw concerns compatibility instead. At the time of writing the only version in circulation (recently updated) is the one for Android, so not can be used on iPhone or Windows Phone devices, even if the gossip shows that a release for iOS is at the gates. Another defect, not negligible concerns the settings initials: once entered the user name (of the company or the subject with departed VAT) can no longer be changed. Finally, WhatsApp Business offers limited features than to other services.

The direct rivals

The big names in computer technology are gearing up to provide communication tools to those involved in activities economic, like entrepreneurs, managers, consultants. Already for over a year, Facebook has launched Facebook Business, where you can advertise your own company through advertisements. There are chats where yes can make payments, like on Messenger or Business chat, appeared on the market in January 2018 thanks to Apple. China is focused on business services for a long time; many of us will have already heard of  We Chat. Perhaps the best app ever remains Telegram for his wealth of services: allows easily creating polls and games and management of more groups, although not widespread as WhatsApp.

Business via smartphone

The smartphone has become (also) a work tool: even allow you to check remote machines and complete financial operations. Digitization invaded all business sectors, including the report with customers and suppliers: it is essential for adults but also small business owners equip themselves with cutting-edge tools to face the imminent future.


WhatsApp has won the preferences of users in the world is known. Which is also useful for small and medium-sized companies don't all know it. According to an estimate provided by Morning Consult, 69% of small businesses stated that WhatsApp helps them to communicate with its customers, while 52% said which contributes to the growth of sales. The numbers confirm the trust of the users. For this, we have decided to try it and assign it a synthetic judgment in the box on the side.

WhatsApp Business has nothing revolutionary, but it can simplify everyone's life in the day's customer, order and customer management Special Requests. We have a pastry shop; we manage a large repair shop or hardware store? WhatsApp Business can do for us regardless of the sector.

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